Our base features that will help your event to become successful.

Geographic Targeting

Only target an audience within your area with specific interests, choose if your event is tourism-friendly and much, much more.

Live Streaming

It's your choice, to stream your event to the public for free, or if you want to create 'Stream TicketĀ“s' for people to pay a small fee, to watch your event happening live.

Event Manager

Ticket sales, advertising and much more features will become available in our major update planned to be released late October 2020

Mobile based

For now, our software is 100% mobile based. You will be able to manage, modify and analyse your Event on a desktop aswell.


Our software makes it super easy to communicate with anyone attending the event. 5 Clicks are enough, to contact the person you want to reach out to.

Save Your Time

It takes roughly about 2 minutes to setup your personal event. If you need any help creating your event, you can always reach out to us and we will help you to setup the event.

What We do

We will help you to manage any events you might want to host. It doesn't matter if its a private birthday party or a major music festival, we will have the right solutions for your event to become a hit!


As we are currently taking the final steps in development and recovering from the latests problems, caused by the coronavirus, we decided to move our release to September 1st.

Registration will open soon!

Stay tuned!

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